Bruderheim School Council

Bruderheim School Council Executive

Chair -  Alison Blaikie

Vice-Chair -  Amanda Oldfield-West

Secretary - Terri Barron

Treasurer -  Vacant

June 2020 Minutes

Bruderheim School Council Meeting
Location: Online Date: June 1, 2020 Time: 6:30 pm

1. Call to order: 6:38 pm

In Attendance:

Amanda Oldfield-West
Alison Blaikie
Cheryl Semeniuk
Mayor Karl Hauch
Jacquie Senchuk
Miranda Braun
Terri Barron

2. Review Agenda - Motion: Jacquie Senchuk, 2nd: Amanda Oldfield-West, All in Favor

3. Approval of May meeting's minutes
Motion: Amanda Oldfield-West, 2nd: Terri Barron, All in Favor

4. Trustee Report - Colleen Holowaychuk sent to Cheryl via email.

The 2020-2021 budget has been passed by the Board.
The final day of alternative learning in EIPS is June 19, 2020. There are three scenarios for a return to school in the fall. There may be a full return, return with restrictions, or continuation of alternative learning. Direction will come from the provincial government and education minister.
The Board is concerned about Bill 15 - Choice in Education Act tabled in legislature. School boards are concerned and have asked to have input into the legislative regulations that will accompany the Act.

5. Principal Report - Cheryl Semeniuk (see website for more details)

Thank you to everyone that supported the bottle drive for the playground fundraiser.
Please make sure to visit the school website at and book an appointment for June 22-26 to return technology, library books and say goodbye. More information on the health guidelines for year end meetings will be shared closer to the date. Any parents with a student on an Individual Support Plan also will need to review and sign the document prior to the year ending. There is a sidebar box called Year End Item Return on the right side of the webpage with a direct link to the booking site.
All staff are engaged in ongoing professional development on literacy this May/June. Our staff is working with Dr. Georgiou, PhD from the University of Alberta who works extensively in reading research. Dr. Georgiou is presenting six sessions on the science of reading and the most important factors of literacy instruction and interventions that can be done in the classroom to prevent reading difficulties.

6. Teacher’s Report – None

7. Town Report - Pat Lee Absent

8. Financial Report - Sarah Smith absent

9. Breakfast program - Miranda Braun
Amy cleaned out the kitchen back in March when schools were closed to students. Will have to wait until school relaunch is known before we can determine what will happen with the breakfast program.

10. Old Business - N/A

11. New Business - N/A

12. Fundraising Report - Jacquie Senchuk
Picked up $490 from bottle drive. Liquor store made a donation to the bottle drive which brought the total to $490. Also, donated pencils to school, Jacquie will drop off to Cheryl.
Grant - this grant will match whatever we have raised so far including the $100 000 from the town and what we have in our GIC account. Need to apply by June 15th. We can only apply once. Cheryl and Jacquie will contact Patty for further details about penalties before we make the final decision but the committee is leaning towards applying for the grant this year.

13. Other business -
We still need a treasurer for next year!
Office opens August 24, 2020 for next school year.

Meeting Adjourned: 7:16 pm

Next meeting: Monday September, 14 2020 @ 7:00 pm

May 2020 Minutes

Bruderheim School Council Meeting
Location: Online Date: May 4, 2020 Time: 6:30 pm

1. Call to order: 6:37 pm

In Attendance:

• Amanda Oldfield-West
• Alison Blaikie
• Cheryl Semeniuk
• Sara Secrist
• Sarah Smith
• Colleen Holowaychuk
• Pat Lee
• Stephanie Campbell
• Jacquie Senchuk
• Miranda Braun
• Terri Barron

2. Review Agenda - No agenda

3. Approval of March meeting's minutes
Motion: Amanda Oldfield-West, 2nd: Stephanie Campbell, All in Favor

4. Trustee Report - Colleen Holowaychuk
Covid 19 budget implications:
We are receiving 2.3 million dollars less from the basic allocation for the last two month. The board was able to pull together 1.1 million dollars in savings from other areas but it was not enough to prevent layoffs. Temporary layoff 189 permanent and 128 hourly or short term staff.

1.25 million from transportation was also pulled back.

EIPS playgrounds remain closed.
PAT and Diplomas remain canceled.

The Premier made an announcement that school is put for the remainder of the year. The Minister has confirmed this as well.
Fee reimbursement: we will be having discussions. We could do reimbursement or credit toward next year fees.

Next year
New funding formula for 2020-2021
Works with a weighted moving average for student enrolment. WMA
Board approved both the budget assumptions and school and department allocations at Thursday’s board meeting.
Schools will receive their allocations after the board meeting.
There are less dollars to work with.

In the last budget which is for 2019-2020 we were approx $5.3 million short. Looking more to $7-8 million short this year.
We are unable to take any more from reserves to balance the budget as we will be below the recommended reserve limit of 2%. We will be at approx 1.3%.

BILL 5 is also a new issue. We need ministerial approval to use operating reserves, including school generated funds.

Board and system administration costs have been mandated to be lowered to max 3.15% from the 3.6%. We were always under but now will be even tighter.

Transportation fees:
Board approved a new fee schedule.
Much more simplified and equitable for families across the division.
Eligible students: $100/year Non-eligible Students $325/year

COSC Meeting: being held via zoom
Next one is May 6 at 7pm.


5. Principal Report - Cheryl Semeniuk 
Thank you to everyone - staff, students, and parents. Please stay connected and reach out if you need assistance. Parents - do not stress, do what you can.

Report Cards are being designed now and will be available online in June.

EIPS Parent Survey results are online, thank you to all those who answered the survey.

New Bell schedule for 20/21 school year. EIPS will do a common 10 - 32 minute periods.
Hopefully the hot lunch program will continue next year, a reverse lunch time schedule in place.

There is approximately a significant decrease in funding for next year. PUF funding has changed and kindergarten aged children are no longer eligible.

We will have one less classroom & teacher next year. ECS, 1, 2, 3, 4/5, 5/6
There is also a reduction in support staff hours.

Staples School Supplies - online link will be sent out shortly. Orders can be picked up or delivered to your home. No cut off date for ordering. Will be a standard list per grade for EIPS.

6. Teacher’s Report – Sara Secrist
Thank you to all the parents. We appreciate all you are doing for your kids. Please reach out to the teachers if you have any concerns. We are here for you during our regular school hours. All the teachers are here to help.

7. Town Report - Pat Lee
• Many upcoming Town or Community events and programs have been cancelled in response to COVID-19.
• There is restricted access to the Town Administration Office, however there is a video intercom at office doors.
• Permanent fire pits in Town require a permit. Visit the Town website or Town Office.
• Combined assessment and tax notices will be sent to all property owners by May 31, 2020.
• Council Meetings are now Online! Watch the website for details.
• Please visit the Bruderheim website and stay informed.
• As well the Town Office number is (780) 796-3731.

8. Financial Report - Sarah Smith

We still need a treasurer. Thank you to Sarah for continuing on with this role until we find someone.

Amounts: main account $2002.56, Breakfast account $5557.94.

Friends of Bruderheim: GIC is up for renewal for another 18 month period.
Cenova's donation has been confirmed but not sure if it has been deposited yet, can't see the account online.

9. Breakfast program - Miranda Braun
No need for a report as the breakfast program is put on hold due to COVID-19 and no classes.


10. Fundraising Report - Jacquie Senchuk
Everything was all set up to start Mom's Pantry fundraiser when COVID started so all ready to go again once we are back to classes and ready to fundraise.
Jacquie will check with the local bottle depot to see if we can have people drop off bottles at the depot and donate to the playground.


Meeting Adjourned: 7:33 pm

Next meeting: Monday June 1, 2020 @ 6:30 pm