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Paul McKay


Bruderheim Elementary offers an outstanding balanced program, including strong arts programming and a focus on character and environmental education while developing a strong foundation in literacy and numeracy. Students' music accomplishments are showcased at assemblies and art creations are displayed throughout the school. Extracurricular activities such as Spell-a-thon, Lego Robotics, School Spirit Days, School Safety Patrol Team, and Choir enhance the school experience. Literacy initiatives, along with math and science instructional strategies, enhance achievement in these areas.


Be Your Best!


At Bruderheim Elementary we have responsible students and staff who strive to do their best in all things. Everyone in our school is encouraged to strive for excellence and focus on building character.


Full community involvement is our greatest strength.


In order to succeed and be able to develop a positive attitude of being unique, students need to feel secure. The school sets performance expectations for all parents, students, and staff and sees community involvement as mutually beneficial and worthwhile for everyone.

Education Plan

Bruderheim School Education Plan 2015-2018

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Please visit the "Supply List" page of our school website to access the complete school supply lists for the school year. 

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