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Proposed 2024/25 School Fees

Hello Parents/Guardians of Bruderheim School,

Our school fees pertaining to activities, field trips, and noon hour supervision, will remain the same for next year. Included next year will be the cost of transportation related to each specific activity or field trip. In previous years we did not have the transportation cost included in the fee. It is still our goal to keep activities and field trips as affordable as possible, so, as we have done this year, we will do all that we can to cover the cost of transportation at the school level again next year.

Here is a brief summary of the conversation regarding school fees for next year from our February 6, 2024, School Council meeting.

2024 02 06 Meeting Minutes

Question posed to School Council:  Are you as a council, in favour of paid fieldtrips outside of school?  All voted in favour of this.  Kids enjoy going out of school on trips, and then as parents, we get to remember the fun fieldtrips.  We feel it is important for kids to learn outside of school. 

The spreadsheet of proposed school fees for 2024/25 is included below.

Please read over the minutes as well as the spreadsheet of proposed school fees and send an email to with any feedback you may have.


Kind regards,

Mr. Armbruster

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