Bruderheim Elementary offers a wide range of academic courses for students.  In addition to the regular core courses of Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies, Health, and Physical Education we also offer French as a Second Language in grades 4 to 6.

Fine Arts Programs

Bruderheim School is pleased to offer excellent programming in the fine arts, including music, art, and drama instruction. 


Bruderheim School is active in the Fine Arts. There is a well-rounded music program which includes an extracurricular hand chime choir which enters the Kalyna Country Festival and the Fort Saskatchewan Music Festival. Our school has attended Edmonton Symphony Orchestra performances by the Alberta Opera Company and Evergreen Theatre. Students in grades 4 -6 learn to play the recorder in music classes.


Art is very important to the development of students. From early on, students will be developing drawing, painting, and designing skills through unique, hands-on activities. Student artwork is continually on display throughout the school.


Bruderheim offers an extracurricular drama club that works towards a year production.