Community and School

Bruderheim School Supports the Community Food Hamper

Each year in the weeks leading up to Christmas, Bruderheim Community School students and staff donate items to the Town of Bruderheim Food Bank.

BPAC Family Dance

The BPAC Family Dance & B-B-Q takes place every spring. For the last several years it has been in early June.


Ryerson Christie Award

The Ryerson Christie Award is presented on our Awards Night at the end of June each year to the Grade Six student who best exemplifies citizenship through volunteerism, cooperation and a positive attitude. 

The Christie family originally set up this award in 1996 in memory of their late father, Ryerson Christie, who attended the old Walker School in Bruderheim in the late 1920s.

Blaze Ashmead Sportsmanship Award 

The Blaze Ashmead Memorial Award for Sportsmanship was first presented at our Awards Night in June, 2004.  This award is given to the Grade Six student who best personifies sportsmanship at recess, during gym class, as well as in community sports.

Blaze Ashmead, a former Bruderheim School student, died tragically on December 14th, 2003.  He was an easy going student, who displayed great sportsmanship while at our school. 

F.C.S.S. Volunteer of the Year Award 

Every year at our Awards Night in June, the Family and Community Support Services presents a school volunteer award. 

This award is given to a student who while attending our school has shown outstanding true volunteer spirit, respect and kindness while volunteering, diligence in his or her school work while volunteering, encouragement to others, and took initiative in finding volunteer opportunities on their own.

Teri-Lynn Marko Memorial Spirit of DARE Award

The award is given to a student who has taken the lessons of DARE to heart. The recipient participated actively and appropriately during DARE classes.  They demonstrate an awareness of the goals and intentions of the DARE program, support their peers and resists peer pressure.

Teri-Lynn Marko is a former student who passed away, and this award is given in memoriam.

Spelling Excellence

This award is given to the top three spellers in each grade from one through six. In mid to late May students, write a spelling test based on grade level appropriate words. In the event of a tie, the teacher determines additional words for a spell-off. 

Highest Achievement – CNML Math Contest

Students in grades four through six annually participate in the Canadian National Mathematics League contest, a challenging, problem based contest, requiring students to use many Mathematics strategies and thinking skills. The top three results from each class are recognized. Ties are permitted.

Helping in the Community

Parents and Students:

There are many seniors in our community that are unable to clean their sidewalks and driveways of snow.  If you are able to help it would be so greatly appreciated.  Please contact the following people for information and addresses of people in need.  Show your kindness and compassion!

Thank you!

Town of Bruderheim: Judy Koschade  780-796-3731

Seniors Center: Virginia 780-796-3785 (home) 780-796-3055 (Seniors Centre)